Since 1st February 2016 the Government has required landlords to carry out immigration checks on individuals renting properties within England, or be subject to potential fines of up to £3,000. The Immigration Act 2016 will also make the failure to carry out right to rent checks properly a criminal offence. The new right to rent scheme requires Landlords to carry out checks in the presence of their tenants, and make reasonable enquiries about who will be residing at the property. Landlords face the following consequences:

  • Costly Civil Penalties of up to £3,000 per tenant or criminal penalties – sentences of up to 5 years imprisonment
  • Loss of professional reputation
  • Expensive delays in getting tenants into properties
  • Need to meet with tenants and carry out checks in their presence
  • Need to question tenants over who will be occupying the property
  • Uncertainty over how to comply with a complex set of laws and guidance
  • Increased administrative burden due to the requirement to retain all documents for inspection

We offer the most comprehensive right to rent checking service available online:

  • You provide us with your tenants contact details, proposed address for the tenancy and we do the rest
  • We will arrange an interview with the Tenant and will check their physical documents
  • We will make reasonable enquiries about who will be occupying the property – a requirement under the right to rent scheme
  • Every check is carried out by a lawyer – we are a top tier firm regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority
  • Quick turnaround so that there is no delay before you start receiving rent from your tenants
  • We take on civil and criminal liability for the checks – meaning that we will be the ones liable for fines or criminal sanctions and not the Landlord
  • We will issue you with a certificate, confirming the documents that establish a right to rent and when any further checks are due

Our Services for Landlords


Certification Service

For a quick professional opinion on a tenant's Right to Rent backed up with a legal certificate

£10 plus VAT

Advice - Right to Rent checks carried out by real Law Society Accredited Professionals with tailored advice

Clarity- Our Right2Rent Certificate will give a definitive decision on your tenant's status

Express - Response within 2 business hours

Simple - Online forms make the process easy

Compliance - We securely store documents on your behalf

Affordable - Great value for money

Future Proof - Reminder Service for when future checks are due

Contract Free - Pay As You Go

Comprehensive Service

Where we take on legal liability by interviewing tenants, checking physical documents and certifying their immigration status

£25 plus VAT

Complete - Combine the benefits of our Certification service with our full verification service

Guarantee - We take on legal liability for  Right to Rent checks

Convenience - Provide us Tenant's details and we do the rest 

Interview - We interview the tenant so there is no need for the Landlord to meet with them

Document Check - Our Law Society Accredited professionals check the physical documents are genuine

Risk Free - We take on your liability for fines and prosecution

Formal Agreement - We will prepare an agreement confirming our responsibility for the Right to Rent Checks

Contract Free - Pay As You Go


If you do not carry out right to rent checks properly, and you are found renting to a tenant who does not have lawful immigration status, then you will be liable to a civil fine and, shortly, imprisonment for a period of up to 5 years.

The government have however set up a scheme so that landlords can establish a ‘statutory defence’ against fines/imprisonment. This means that, even if later down the line your tenant is found not to be lawfully present in England, you are protected from civil fines or criminal prosecution, because you have done what you need to under the scheme in order to set up a ‘statutory defence’.

We can help you establish a statutory defence in two ways:

  • Our Certification Service helps you to carry out the right to rent checks yourself, and make sure you do it properly, so that if it later turns out your tenant does not have a right to rent, you are covered;
  • Our Comprehensive Service takes the responsibility away from you completely – we do all of the checks and take on full responsibility for them. We will enter into a formal agreement with you to confirm that we have taken on full responsibility for the checks. All you need to do is provide us with details of the tenants and proposed address and we will do the rest.

Our Certification Service is simple:

  • You upload or email us a copy of the documents that your tenants are relying upon to establish a right to rent;
  • Our lawyers will check the documents and will:
  1. Confirm whether the documents establish that the tenant has a right to rent or not – if they do not, we will give you tips about the types of documents that can be relied upon to establish this;
  2. Check that the correct types of documents have been relied upon – only certain documents can be relied upon under the right to rent scheme in order to establish a ‘statutory defence’;
  3. Confirm whether your tenants have established a ‘time-limited’ right to rent – which means that they will need a further check doing at some point in the future – or whether they have established a ‘continuous’ right to rent so that no further checks are needed.
  • If the documents establish a right to rent, we will send you a certificate confirming that the documents have been checked by a law firm and confirm what arrangements you must make for the copying and storage of the documents in question.

With our comprehensive service, we go even further than our certification service, and we take on full responsibility for carrying out the right to rent checks:

  • As we are doing the full checks there is no need for you to send us anything other than the tenants Name and contact details, and the proposed tenancy address;
  • We will contact the tenant within 2 business hours of receiving the request for a check and establish what documents we need from them to carry out the check;
  • The tenant will send us the original documents and we will arrange a video interview with them;
  • During the interview we will check the tenant’s original documentation and make reasonable enquiries with them about who will be staying at the property (which is a requirement under the scheme);
  • If we are satisfied that the tenant has a right to rent, we will issue a certificate and enter into a formal agreement with the landlord confirming that we have taken on full responsibility for the right to rent checks. We will take on full responsibility for those checks up until the point that a further right to rent check is needed under the scheme;
  • We will send the tenant’s original documentation back to them using Royal Mail recorded delivery;
  • The whole process has a typical turn around time of 3 – 5 business days.

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Important Update

As of the 1st July 2021 we are no longer able to carry out manual checks on EU nationals to confirm a right to rent.

From 1st July 2021, the majority of EEA citizens will prove their right to rent using the Home Office online service. Those who have made a successful application to the EU Settlement Scheme will have been provided with an eVisa and can only prove their right to rent using the Home Office online service ‘prove your right to rent in England’ available on GOV.UK:

To prove their right to rent from 1st July 2021, individuals will provide landlords with a share code and their date of birth which will enable landlords to check their Home Office immigration status via the online service available on GOV.UK:

We are still able to carry out manual checks for non EU nationals and family member of EU nationals in some instances, if you are unsure whether your prospective check meets this criteria please contact right to rent at