Right to Rent Obligations

Since the 1st February 2016 Landlords across England must check tenants have a right to rent, or face fines of up to £3,000 per tenant. From 1st December 2016, it is a criminal offence to rent to a tenant without a right to rent, and landlords face prison sentences of up to 5 years. Landlords must:

  • Establish that tenants have the necessary immigration status to rent a property
  • Verify that the tenant has documents on the published list to prove their immigration status
  • Check the documents in the presence of the tenant, to ensure that they are genuine and have not been tampered with
  • Interview the tenant to make ‘reasonable enquiries’ about who else will be staying at the property
  • Determine whether the tenant has a ‘continuous’ or ‘time-limited’ right to rent
  • Copy all documents and retain them in line with Data Protection Act 1998 principles
  • Notify the Home Office if the tenant has a change in circumstances
  • Repeat checks when the tenant’s right to rent expires or there is a new tenancy agreement

Right2Rent is the only service that will ensure Tenants, Landlords and Letting Agents satisfy all of the above requirements. 

Certification Service

For a quick professional opinion on a tenant's Right to Rent backed up with a legal certificate

£10 plus VAT

Advice - Right to Rent checks carried out by real Law Society Accredited Professionals with tailored advice

Clarity- Our Right2Rent Certificate will give a definitive decision on your tenant's status

Express - Response within 2 business hours

Simple - Online forms make the process easy

Compliance - We securely store documents on your behalf

Affordable - Great value for money

Future Proof - Reminder Service for when future checks are due

Contract Free - Pay As You Go

Comprehensive Service

Where we take on legal liability by interviewing tenants, checking physical documents and certifying their immigration status

£25 plus VAT

Complete - Combine the benefits of our Certification service with our full verification service

Guarantee - We take on legal liability for  Right to Rent checks

Convenience - Provide us Tenant's details and we do the rest 

Interview - We interview the tenant so there is no need for the Landlord to meet with them

Document Check - Our Law Society Accredited professionals check the physical documents are genuine

Risk Free - We take on your liability for fines and prosecution

Formal Agreement - We will prepare an agreement confirming our responsibility for the Right to Rent Checks

Contract Free - Pay As You Go


Right2Rent's Services

Choose the Service that suits your needs most

Right2Rent offer you two flexible services that protect Landlords.


With this service, the Landlord retains responsibility for carrying out the right to rent check but we will help to make sure you do it correctly. Not only will our Law Society Accredited professionals check that the right documents are being relied upon, we will also confirm whether a time limited or continuous right to rent is established, store the documents for you and remind you when further checks are due.


This includes everything in the Certification Service but Right2Rent will also take on full legal responsibility for the check. You provide us the Tenant’s contact details and we will do the rest. Furthermore, we will arrange an interview with the tenant and carry out the physical document check. As a result there is no longer a need for the Landlord to meet with the tenant.

Right2Rent's Unique Guarantee

Offering complete peace of mind

Under the Right to Rent Scheme you can hand over full responsibility for checks to an agent and therefore take away all of the risk.

We are the ONLY online provider who will act as your agent and take on formal legal responsibility for carrying out the checks. As we carry out the physical document checks and interview the tenants, we can then take on this responsibility and accept full liability for the checks. Not only do we accept responsibility for the civil fines, but we will take on the criminal liability for checks as well.

We are Unique

Quality, Speedy, Convenient

Right2Rent is part of Paragon Law – an Immigration Law firm independently rated as being in the top tier for Immigration Advice. We have won a number of national and local awards as a result of having established a reputation for outstanding advice.

All the checks being carried out by Right2Rent are being carried out by a Law Society Accredited professional. As work with immigration documents day in and day out, we know more than anyone else the range and complexity of documents that can establish a person’s immigration status. Through this experience, we have also developed a deep understanding of the right to rent provisions and what obligations a Landlord has.

Many of our competitors offer only superficial checks of documents, and will not provide advice and assistance on individual documents and what is needed to comply with the right to rent scheme. We provide a comprehensive service, that takes away all of the risk, and means there is no longer a need for the Landlord to meet with the tenant and interview them.

The Right2Rent Vision

We aim to provide a simple, accessible Right to Rent service for all users. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that tenants are not discriminated against unlawfully, and with Landlords and Letting Agents having absolute confidence in the accuracy of immigration checks being carried out on their behalf. By providing a quick, easy to use, and professional service, we can help make the rental market accessible for all those who have the right to rent.

Recent Blog Posts

Case Study

Kao-Yuan Chang, Taiwan (Tenant)

“I had just arrived in the UK and had permission to stay here, but unfortunately there was a technical problem at the Home Office which meant that my Biometric Residence Permit was not ready for collection at the Post Office. I approached Right2Rent because my Letting Agents were refusing to give me the keys for my tenancy without my Biometric Residence Permit, and it meant that my family was forced to stay in a London Hotel at a cost of £300 per night! Right2Rent did everything they could to help me out of my situation, including speaking to my letting agents who then let my wife and children stay at the property. Within two days, after Right2Rent wrote to the Home Office, my Biometric Residence Permit was issued and I was finally able to stay at the property. I wish to thank the team at Right2Rent who quickly brought my nightmare to an end.”

Please note our contact form is currently down for maintenance. Please instead direct any queries to enquiries@right2rent.co.uk in the meantime.

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Important Update

As of the 1st July 2021 we are no longer able to carry out manual checks on EU nationals to confirm a right to rent.

From 1st July 2021, the majority of EEA citizens will prove their right to rent using the Home Office online service. Those who have made a successful application to the EU Settlement Scheme will have been provided with an eVisa and can only prove their right to rent using the Home Office online service ‘prove your right to rent in England’ available on GOV.UK: https://www.gov.uk/prove-right-to-rent.

To prove their right to rent from 1st July 2021, individuals will provide landlords with a share code and their date of birth which will enable landlords to check their Home Office immigration status via the online service available on GOV.UK: https://www.gov.uk/view-right-to-rent.

We are still able to carry out manual checks for non EU nationals and family member of EU nationals in some instances, if you are unsure whether your prospective check meets this criteria please contact right to rent at enquiries@right2rent.co.uk.